Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 4 of our First Pact

T&I have finally decided to engage ourselves in a physical activity for s minimum of 30 minutes everyday.

This thought has come to me after continuous reminders and lots of fights where in I took many things that I have at this moment for granted. Somehow with god's grace I am struck with the idea of grabbing this opportunity of inculcating such a good habit in life.

If 1 day of advice and a few words can change a person, then definitely it means I am not just struck by the love bug but with an understanding of what self is! Especially if the words were "I am not happy" from the person you love.

I am marking today as  day 4 with just 3 days of exercise because the very first fight and the words is what has brought about this change which we want to continue as a life time commitment to each other and especially to Self as a person.

What did we do today?
T&I decided to walk as part of our exercise today. To incorporate various ways into our walking.

T walked and jogged 10 rounds in the ground. This he calls as his baby steps in reducing weight. This increases blood circulation waking up our lazy parts. Increases stamina on following this regularly. Tones your body, making you feel better one day at a time. Strengthens bones and joints and aids digestion.

I walked 10 rounds forward and 10 rounds backward on the terrace! Walking backwards has its whole Set of benefits than walking forward which is now considered the usual way. Since walking backwards requires more attention it alerts us in every step we take and improves concentration. 

Food - he consumed sprouts before exercising today.
I consumed museli with grounded flax seed and warm milk 2 hours before exercising.

Happy exercising! Make your day worthy by blocking half an hour for exercise!

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